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22nd-Aug-2009 02:35 am
chrisevans♥(steverogers)super soldier

I fucking miss Mest.  Like, I always have, but I was thinking about them a lot today and yesterday.  Like, dude.  I fucking miss them.

hey, hey, anyone have mo' money cos i can't find it and i really, like, need it.  anyone?

I used to have a collection of Tony pictures and it was massive, but I dunno whatever happened to it and I can't find my damn old photobucket since I totally forget what the name was when I switched over to sleeponrooftops.  All I can remember is the one before it, imanightmareeadisaster (Simple Plan, lol), but not the one before it.  UGH.  And my friggins MSN Group for them doesn't exist anymore cos they killed the Groups.

Fuck yea, never mind, I moved all the pictures onto the old one.  WOO!

I just watched Seven Deadly Sins cos I'm a loser and I wanted to reminisce, and I remember, the fourth time I watched it, I actually typed up Matt's story cos, like, I dunno, I was weird and didn't realize I could just grab it on YouTube, and I used to fucking read it in school and just laugh my ass off.  LOL, OH MY GOD.  I remember doing that, it was fucking hilarious, my teachers used to come over and be like "what the hell are you reading?"  It was amazing.

They were my first parental advisory CD ever, N'AW!  The fourth one, the selftitled, I snuck it in Barnes & Noble, OMGAAAAAWD, LMAO, and then my dad was like, "Alright, lemme see this," and yelled at me in the car when he saw it and then my mom was so paranoid, she hadda read all the lyrics and was like, "YOU CAN'T LISTEN TO UNTIL I MET YOU!  HE SAYS THE EFF WORD, LIKE, EVERY OTHER WORD!"  I love that song, haha, it's just great.  First punk rock show, I went four hours to Connecticut to see them in the Webster Theatre.  That place is a fucking dump, but it was so worth it.  Matt wasn't there, but it was their last tour, so I hadda go.  My dad almost shot me.  Wow, that was, like... four years ago or something?  It was either 2005 or 2004, I can't remember.

Um, what else was I gonna say... Oh yea, even with my great love for Breathe Carolina and Avenged Sevenfold and, well, actually, The Cab is the only exception (actually, no, they aren't with the new EP), I don't know every word to all of their songs.  Like, even BC, but that's mostly cos I don't bother looking up the lyrics for them half the time, haha.  But, if you put on any Mest song, within, like, two seconds, I'll know it and can sing the entire song.  Every frickin song.  Swear to God.

Real quick...

Mest4.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

alkdf;kad;lfjasdklf, I hate the black hair, btw.

Mest9.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

I fucking bought Tony's shoes cos he wore the same ones, lol.  I did that with Jacoby, though, from Between Angels and Insects, though, I'll admit.  There's a pair of white Adidas in my closet, ha.

Mest11.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

Fuckin' smile.  I love him.

Mest24.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

BENJI, LOL!  I miss old Good Charlotte, too, btw, but I won't lie and say I don't like the new them because I always will love them.  Unfortunately, Mest can't take position as first greatest band, that's GC's spot, but Benj turned me onto Mest with Jaded, thank God.  I wish I'd known of them earlier, ):

TakeMeAway.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

Cried a little during this video, I won't lie.

TakeMeAway3.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

Oh yea...

I don't think I could safely watch this tonight.  Too many memories.  I'm a loser, haha, sorry.  I miss them, it's been a lonely few years.

Tony2.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

He was my second husband, lol.  NO WAIT, THIRD.  In 2002, it was Rob Thomas, first ever, then in... um... seventh grade, haha, I dunno what year that was, it was Billy Martin, then, like, Tony stormed them all by default.  He wins.

Tony28-1.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster


Tony29-1.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

This is the hair my brother wants, lol.

Tony30-1.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

Smile, adlkafjdl;kjfa.

Tony31-1.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

Most amazing picture EVAR.  Yay...

Tony35.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

Tony37.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

Green hair, ftw.

Tony41.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

That is one sexy mofo...

Tony48.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

little!tony!  alkdjfal;kdf;adjf!

Tony50.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster

Um... yes.

Tony52.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster


Tony55.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster


Tony60.jpg picture by imanightmareadisaster



I decided they were my favorite band of all time.  That was a fun realization, haha.

One of the few bands my dad ever actually really liked that I loved.  He listens to them when he's driving to work sometimes, haha.

I'll admit, though, I'm not particularly happy with Tony for the whole "new Mest" thing without any of the guys.  It's pisses me off a lot, but whatever, I won't hate on him for it, just be silently angry.

My brother wants his hair from SDS, lol.  He wants a mohawk sooooo bad.  He also said he was gonna straighten his hair for the first day of school.  HE IS SO METRO, ZOMGOSH!  My dad's gonna kill him.  It sucks sometimes, my dad's such a homophobe and, like, not even just that, he doesn't go for feminine guys and it really pisses him off that Tommy wears, like, fittedish shirts and crazy-colored shirts and shoes and, like, cologne and has gotten his hair straightened by a bunch of girls a couple times and actually liked it.  Fuckin'... whatever, he's dumb.

I must interject to share Matt's story with you because it's damn hilarious and I love him for it, HAHA.




They also don't have Diamonds, pft.

someone make me tony icons, please.  of anything, i just want blonde hair.

My username came half from them, ;D  That, and Sleep by My Chemical Romance, yup.  Rooftops is, hands down, my favorite song.

First band I ever cried over, lol.  When Photographs came out, I fucking bawled my eyes out throughout the whole thing cos, like, it's such a goodbye album and then they announced their breakup and I just died inside.  Saddest day of my life, legitimately.

I love that part in SDS when Jere's, like, beyond wasted and Tony's giggling like a little school girl in his bunk.  I just, like, fall over everytime, I'm laughing so hard.

I gotta find my review of their show somehow.  I think I sent it to my friend, but, like, she won't have it.  I might've printed it out, hm.  I think it might be in a shoebox in my room, haha.

Gloucester's water got contaminated today.  I feel kinda bad, but BJs' sales are good cos everyone's buying massive amounts of water here, so I don't feel hugely bad since it's good for the Club, lol.  I think I'm gonna ask them for my scheduled Monday off cos they need people to work less hours, and I don't normally work Mondays and I want the car, so blaaaaah, we'll see.

Helping with freshmen orientation on Monday, XD  Gotta be at the high school by eight to help Jones (band director) organize and clean the room, although I have a feeling he and I are gonna spend the hour until orientation starts talking about my book, lol, cos he read it and was like, "BTW, I LOVED YOUR BOOK, (:" or something to that extent, haha.  We emailed, it was funny.

Okay, so, like, I'll brb.  I'm gonna go find that shoebox, haha...

"eyebrow twitching, read to rawwwwck"  (that's so not what he says, haha)

I love them, lol.

Fuck yea, I found it.  You're gonna laugh at me, promise, and, ugh, I'll put it under a cut for those of you who really don't care.  OH, AND BTW, IT WASN'T IN THE SHOEBOX.  It was totally in my closet and I totally remember putting it there cos it was on top of the shoebox with a huge pile of papers and when I cleaned my room out, it was pissing me off, so I shoved it all in the closet.  Thank God it was on the top, haha.

He inspired my want for the DROVER on my lower back with the Boston skyline.  That's why Alax has HART with the Boston skyline, too, haha.  End of 25 to Life, the allergy part, YES!  Tickle fight, lol.  Fucking love this.  Benji's such a loser, I miss him, haha.

"Okay, are you ready?  This email is going to be so long, you're going to kill me for sending it.  Here goes...

Okay, so we're driving to the place and we're trying to follow the directions MapQuest gave us.  Not working.  We've already got lost, like, two or three times.  So, we're at a set of lgihts and my dad calls the Webster place to get directions on how to get there.  We got there fairly easy after that.  (BTW, INTERJECTION FROM PRESENT!ME.  we were right down the street, lol...)  As we're parking, though, the guy who tells you where to park is like 'hit me.  c'mon, hit me.'  My dad wa slike, 'no way!'  It was kool.  (omg, i'm such a loser, i'm sorry... -hangs head in shame-)  So, anyway, we got out, I left my sweatshirt there, and then we headed toward the theater.  (i totally put an s on the end of that toward, wtf.  sorry if i'm about to offend anyone, but i fucking hate when people put s's on the end of, like, toward, forward, backward, and such.  i dunno, it just pisses me off.)  I'm telling you, this was the shittiest concert I've been to yet.  I felt so bad.  Cuz, you know, I always go to, like, hockey arenas and stuff to see Simple Plan or Good Chalrotte play.  (OKAY, I SAW SIMPLE PLAN TWICE BEFORE THIS, AND GOOD CHARLOTTE WAS THERE WITH THEM ONE OF THE TIMES, SO, YEA, I ALWAYS GO.  lol, i was, like... thirteen?  haha...)  I just wish Mest was as popular.  It's so mean that they're breaking up.  *sigh*  Sorry, I got off track.

So, we go to the window inside to pick up our tickets and we meet these other people who also came from Massachusetts to see them.  See, I'm not the only crazy fan who has to see them on their last tour.  Even if it does mean driving three hours and getting lost at least four times.  *shrugs*  It was fun, I'll put it that way.  Definitely worth it.

So, we get in the place (after 45 minutes of freezing!  that was when I called yoU) and it's, like, omfg.  (um... okay.  I put three exclamations points, someone please shoot me...)  My dad was like, 'this is the shithole of the world.  i cannot believe this.  i am going to kill you.'  Because, literally, there were no seats.  (OMG, I WAS PAMPERED CONCERTGOER, GAAAAH!)  It wasn't like a "theater house".  At the back, there was a bar, in front of that was two sections where you could sit at tables (there were only about four tables per section too), and then there was the floor.  The stage was just beyond that.  And the stage was, like, beyond small.  So, my dad was sitting on a stool behind me while I was sitting on the wall of the section.  (so, like, i was terrified of being on the floor until, like, 2007's taste of chaos, haha.)  I was, like, and I mean this completely, it's totally true, very literal I am at this point... I was 30 feet from the stage.  Like, the distance between first and third base.  I was like, 'omg, this is so frickin' kool.'  (like, really, this is painful to type, ugh...)

The, umm, the guys who make all the lights go and control the volume and all that kool stuff (YOU MEAN THE TECHIES, DUMB!MARY?) was, like, right in front of me.  Okay, time for the concert.  Apparently, Mest added on another opening act, so this band called The Classic Crime (whom is amazing) came on and, I'm serious, I loved them.  I've already looked them up.  They were wicked good and they were a little bit of a scream bnad, so my dad didn't like them (um, what band were you listening to?  lol...), but I thought they were awesome.  Anyway, they were good and then there was an intermission for about a half an hour before Scary Kids Scaring Kids came on.  The pianist in the band most likely thought he was playing every single instrument.  He was drumming the piano, drumming his chest, playing air guitar, screaming out every word (he didn't sing either), and I'm sort of surprised he was even part of the band cuz he was ALWAYS (i didn't know how to italicize?) running back and forth on the stage, jumping, screaming, freaking, just... everything.  He was crazy.  I swear he could've hit his head on his piano at least a million times for the amount of head banging he was doing.  Then, three quarters the way into their show, he's shirtless and, you're never going to believe this, he ran over to one side of the stage, climbed up onto one of the amps, and then climbed up the speakers.  I'm telling you, those things looked like they were going to fall with him climbing all over them (cos no one does this, apparently...).  I was like, 'holy shit!  that guy's friggin crazy as hell!'  He was freaky.  So, he jumps down after a little while and then stage dives into the crowd.  After they were done, there was another intermission for about another half an hour and then Allister came on.  THey were amazing good.  My dad even liked them.  He was rocking along to every song and cheering when they finished a song.  It was pretty kool.  Nothing extremely exciting happened during their set.

Okay, time for Mest.  The longest part of the email.  After Allister finished, the wait was longer and I was beginning to get antsy.  Then, they shut off the lights to signal the guys are about to go on.  Still, we waited.  And then, this is where I freaked out, I saw Tony on the side of the stage.  Like,  I saw his hair and I just knew it was him cuz, you know, it's Tony.  (i totally squealed when i saw him, no lie.  i was literally, like, almost hyperventilating and bouncing around and shrieking and yea... i get weird.)  So, I turn around to face my ada and I have that really high squeaky voice I get when I'm beyond excited and I was like, 'omg!  i see tony!  i can see tony!'  I must've done that at least four times before they came on.  Now, I was going to go down onto the floor when Mest was playing, but I decided not to cuz it was just way too crazy.  (mm...)  So, Mest comes on and I fucking screamed as loud as I possibly could.  A couple times too.  It was so awesome.  I was screaming, clapping, cheering, everything.  I was bouncing up and down at that point too.  As I said before, I was sitting on the wall, so I had a perfect view of Tony.  Seriously, I could, like, see each individual tatoo on his arms.  He was wearing a shirt unfortunately.  Lolz.  *laughs*  Anyway, they start off by playing... umm... woah, I can't remember.  Don't forget, it was about 10:30 when they came on.  I was beginning to get a little tired.  (holy fuck.)  So, they played some song and I knew it, so I was singing along and... OMG!  I REMEMBER!  IT WAS FUCT UP KID!  YES!  Okay, sorry, but I did remember.  Just thought I'd share.  So, yeah, they played Fuct Up Kid first.  I sang along and stuff and... *gasp*  I forgot!  Matt wasn't there!  (i was so sad about this, ):  like... maaaaan...)  They announced a quarter way into the show that Matt was at home with his fiance and his baby, so they had some replacement guy that looked so way familiar.  His name was Brian, I think.

But, yeah, anyway.  Then they played a song that I didn't know the words to.  All in all, they played: Fuct Up Kid, Fuck the Greyhound Bus (this was totally the encore, O.O), Take Me Away (Cried Out to Heaven), Kiss Me Kill Me, Last Kiss, Yesterday, Cadillac, Until I Met You, Jaded (These Years), Shell of Myself (I think), Drawing Board, Hotel Room, Lost Broken Confused (I think), and a couple other songs.  Nick also sang a band from his favorite rap group, Stomachache <--- Not in that order.  (cos nick's band, the one he sang in, totally wasn't stomachache.  it was just some group he liked, lol.  i was such an idiot...)

So, first huge event.  This kid from the crowd jumps up onto the stage, puts his arm around Tony, and starts singing with him.  Security had to come get him and he pulled Tony all the way to the other side of the stage.  Then, Mest plays for a little while longer before Tony stops the entire song.  He says, 'look, this is my last fucking show here.  i want that kid back here cuz he deserves it and i'm not fucking playing until he comes back.'  And, seriously, he would not play.  He even went out to look for the kid for a bit.  Then, he asked everyone what they did when you got thrown out and then he was like, 'who wants to just come up here and talk?'  He brought some guy up and then the guy brought up four of his friends.  Then, Tony maade an announcement saying, 'okay, here's the deal.  apparently, the kid ran and i've got two police guys and a couple other people looking for him.  we're going to play until he comes back.'  I mean, seriously, he didn't play for 15-20 minutes.  So, they finish that song (which was Hotel Room), play another song, and are halfway through another song when the kid returns.  Tony stops in the middle of this song, comes to the very edge of the stage and says, 'first, look, i don't want anymore fighting (cus there were, like, three kids fighting).  this is our last here.  don't fucking ruin it.  i swear, if you keep fighting, i'm not gonna play anymore.  don't fucking ruin this show.  and second... HE'S BACK!'  (haha, he's such a diva.  i wanna write about him again so bad...)  The whole crowd was cheering when the kid ran on.

Next huge event.  Halfway through the concert, Tony says, 'okay, so apparently you guys have a rule that you're not allowed to crowd surf.  i'm hearing that you get thrown out when you do.  so, wors to the wise, don't do it.  instead, if we can't crowd surf, i wanna see the biggest fucking east coast circle pit.  i want all you people over there to run that way and you people on the other side to turn and run the same way.  let's go!'  Then, he began signing again and the whole crowd was running around in this HUGE circle.  (whoa, whoa!  i love making fun of myself, lol.)  When the song stopped, so didn't the pit, but it was really kool.  Then, Tony says, 'okay, now we're oing to play photographs.'  Here's the funny thing about this.  He goes back to Nick as if to say something, comes back to the mic, is talked to by one of the guys, and then looks really confused.  'okay, i lied,' says he.  ' i guess that's what drinking does to me.  i can't even read my own fucking setlist.  we're not playing photographs.'  *shakes head*  He's so cute.  (denver, colorado, sds.  "we're going on in forty minutes and we don't even have a fucking setlist yet."  then, "i don't even know half these songs."  LOL.)

Third major event.  (jesus...  Almost three quarters the way into their performance, Tony goes back to the drums, takes off his shirt (fuck yes!), and then Nick comes up front.  Nick does his rap thing while Tony is playing the drums and smiling like there's no end.  Seriously, he was laughing and smiling and singing and just having the time of his life the whole time.  So, Tony comes back up to the front, Nick goes back to the drums, and Tony never puts his shirt back on (mmmmmmmmmmmm!).  Instead, he does the shirtless guitar playing act (just punch me, it's okay...).  He was so hott.  Especially since he had blonde hair again too.  They played a while longer, said their goodbyes, and then left.  Everyone, including me, was cheering for an encore (der.).

Final major event.  And they did one.  An encore.  I was SO happy.  Tony comes out again followed by everyone, says this is really the last time he'll be in front of us, and then they play Fuck the Greyhound Bus.  Mest leaves to many, many screams and cheers and yelling and then we leave.

(i'm listening to paradise, and at the end, before 25 to life, when he is like harumharum, LOL, i love him.)"

Okay, after that, I just rambled on about history stuff, -shrugs-  I'm a loser, haha.


Everytime I see Take Me Away (Cried Out to Heaven), I start singing Plain White T's, haha.

Oh jeez, I definitely need to link you guys to this old story I had.  I'm totally rereading it tonight.  It's fucking amazing.  And, lol, I just logged onto gcfanfics.com, fuck knows if I remembered my password, but apparently, I was right.

OMG, YES!  This is epic.

Title: Just Play Possum
Author: bjbsgurl
Summary: Originally an FFTL/GC story, but drifted hugely toward Mest/GC now... When Sonny comes to visit his best friend, Elizabeth, things begin to stir up.  Old memories arise, forbidden relationships blossom, and the friendship of three boys are changed forever...
Rating: Adult
Story Type: Crossover
Warnings: Abuse, Drug Use, Language, Self-Harm, Violence

My notations on this: the title.  well.  um.  'nuff said.  the username.  OMG, LOL.  i had an issue back then.  this was, like... 2006!  shut up!  the summary.  UGH.  the rating.  YEA RIGHT.  the story type.  HA.  it was a mest story.  good charlotte was only in it half the time cos each chapter hadda have a member of the band.  that's how i write and post mest stuff and get it read, (:  clever me.  the warnings.  sonny moore definitely was, in my mind, subconsciously, uber!gay and uber!emo.  it was sad.

I love this story, though.  With a bloody frickin passion.  It was, like... the only story I ever wrote about Tony.  Which makes me wickked sad, but whatever.

Fourteen reviews, it obviously sucked, haha.

Gah, the best parts aren't even up there, lol.  I never updated after seven, ugh.  It's kay, it uber sucks.  I'm rereading it and laughing, haha.

I think my epic Mest post is done.  I kinda just wanna reread now, then maybe start on my Tony oneshots.  I'll leave you with something amazing...


last notation… i totally am going to chicago this coming april vacation for my birthday, mostly so i can find tony’s neighborhood and walk around it.  yup.  the plans are almost fully set.  legit, haha.  also, i want merch really bad, and not the shitty “i’m pretending to still be mest” merch tony has up.  and, jere looks like the dude from ferris buller’s day off, whom i totally saw in the happening the other day, O.O

22nd-Aug-2009 07:44 am (UTC)
jkbag;harg ^^ You just made my entire life. Mest. Mmm. Tony. Mmm. I agree with the whole black hair. Just plain icky.
22nd-Aug-2009 07:47 am (UTC)
n'aw, really?
i fucking love mest.
they're just... lakdjf;l. nng. basically, haha.
tony, gaaaaah. speechlessness overcomes me when i see him, lol.
ugh, yea.
i like blonde, XD
24th-Aug-2009 08:16 pm (UTC)
I share your love of Mest. They had to be one of the most amazing bands known to man. I wish they were still together.

Tony is damn sexy with any colour hair. I mean who else could pull off green.

Loved Matt's story.
24th-Aug-2009 08:33 pm (UTC)
aw, really? i freaking adore them, i was so upset when they broke up. i cried about it forever, ):

lol, yea. i do agree, mostly, because i'll always have a fondness for the blonde, but he's sexy no matter what, yea, (:

HAHA, right?
i've watched that part of the dvd at least a hundred times. it's just hilarious.
29th-Sep-2010 03:25 am (UTC)
I miss mest so bad :( tony lovato is so adorable.
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